Hosting Technician working for Small Business Website Management Service Internet Marketing Coach working for Small Business Website Management Service Dedicated Webmaster working for Small Business Website Management Service Personal Website Account Manager working for Small Business Website Management Service Professional Web Designer working for Small Business Website Management Service

I don’t have to login to anything or wait on hold. It’s so nice just to send a quick email and my website’s updated. I’d recommend SetMySite to anyone - they’re the real deal.

Phillip Palmer | ABC Channel 7

Los Angeles, CA

Get a website that’s powered by your own professional web team.

You’re covered

The big companies have web teams managing their websites.

Now you can have your own personal web team.

Your website… done for you

Get a custom website designed for you

Custom web design

Unlimited revisions

Professional logo

Custom contact forms

Professional stock photos

Video & photo galleries

Mobile compatible

Search engine friendly

Professional Web Designer

Your web designer is ready to turn your ideas, examples or drawings into the website you’ve always wanted. Get a custom website that converts visitors into customers.

Meet your web team

Get a website where everything’s done for you.

Professional stock photography for small business website custom web design Professional logo design for website Mobile compatible website design Unlimited web design revisions Custom contact forms for website Video and photo galleries for website Search engine friendly web design

Website changes are done for you

Dedicated Webmaster

You’ll be free to manage your business. Your webmaster will manage all your website’s edits, updates, integrations, and troubleshooting. Just email or call and consider it done.

Updated for you

Request changes easily

Unlimited ongoing changes

Fast turnaround time

No downtime during updates

Weekly maintenance


Ongoing code compliance

Get your website updated for you Unlimited web design changes No downtime during website updates Dedicated Webmaster troubleshooting website Request website changes easily Fast website update turnaround time Weekly website maintenance by dedicated webmaster Ongoing website code compliance

Get internet marketing advice

Internet Marketing Coach

Get professional and honest internet marketing advice about what actually works and what doesn’t. You’ll be consulted on the latest services, tools, SEO, online advertising and more.

Small business consultation

Internet marketing guidance

Exclusive Insight

Professional website feedback

SEO advisement

Product recommendations

Service reviews

General Internet questions

Exclusive insight from Internet Marketing Coach Small business SEO advisement from Internet Marketing Coach Internet marketing service reviews Professional website feedback for small business General Internet Questions Small business website consultation Internet marketing guidance for small business Internet marketing product recommendations

Our customers love having their own personal web team.

See what they say

production company website designSmall business website designersLandscaping business website design

“I used to wait on hold just so GoDaddy could tell me how to update my website. One quick call to SetMySite and it’s done for me. The difference really is night and day.”

Kelby H.

Covina, CA USA

“Set up was easy and the cost is low. Anytime we need updates we just email them, and within a few moments our site is updated. Set My Site is our professional web team.”

Kurt A.

Sierra Madre, CA

“You took the interior design of my salon and turned it into a gorgeous website. I always get compliments from ladies who think we modeled the salon after the site. So good!”

Shannon B.

Danville, CA USA

“This is exactly what I needed - an awesome design with a team that knows what they’re doing. Your involvement on both my website and business has been priceless..”

Maurice L.

Seattle, WA USA

instructor website design auto mechanic website design beauty salon website design doctor and dentist website design Landscaping business website design

“I seriously don’t know what I’d do without these guys. The personal service and peace of mind they deliver is incredible. SetMySite goes above and beyond like no other company. I’m a customer for life.”

Thomas M

Lake Elsinore, CA

“SetMySite is the perfect website company for small business owners. They are fast, efficient, and easy to work with. They have exceeded my expectations.”

Crystal B

Dallas, TX

production company website design Small business website designers

“If you thought you could never afford a high-end website, think again. SetMySite delivered exactly what they said they would, a first-class website at a rate anyone can afford.”

Nikki M

Wicklow, Ireland

“Absolutely amazing. My site looks great, the marketing advice is priceless, and the additional services have truly helped me win more business. These guys are total game changers.”

Marques M

Santa Monica, CA

Dedicated website account manager

First class personal service

Premium phone & email support

Personalized video support

Dependable direct line access

No phone trees or waiting on hold

Non-outsourced support

Dialed-in with your business

Talk to the same person every time

Personal Account Manager

You’ll be on a first name basis with direct access to the person who knows your business and manages your website. No phone trees or customer account numbers - it’s personal.

Premium phone and email support for small business website Direct line access to website manager Non-outsourced support from personal website account manager First class personal service for small business website Personalized video support for small business website No phone trees or waiting on hold for web design service Dialed in with your small business website Personal Website Account Manager

Website hosting included

Unlimited storage

Custom email accounts

Unlimited web traffic

Domain name & email setup

Regular data backups

99.9% uptime

Secure & encrypted

Hosting is included & handled for you

Hosting Technician

We set up and manage the online space for your website. You won’t need to log in, wait on hold or try to figure it out yourself. We set up your website hosting and manage it for you.

Small business website hosting included Custom email accounts setup for you by hosting technician Domain name and email setup for you Small business website hosting uptime Unlimited hosting disk space for small business website Unlimited hosting bandwidth for small business website Weekly website data backups Secure and encrypted hosting

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